Related Leads Donors Getting N.Y. Brownfield Tax Credits

Critics of the incentives, which have cost taxpayers more than $1 billion since 2006, say they benefit wealthy developers and have done little to clean up contaminated industrial sites. Unlike other states, New York doesn’t limit the program to cleanup costs, and a study found that 94 percent of its brownfields tax credits have been used for redeveloping properties instead of remediating blighted land. [Bloomberg]

The Sustainable Mayor?

In his first six months as mayor, Bill de Blasio has prioritized pre-kindergarten, affordable housing and banning horse carriages, with varying degrees of success. One policy area he has yet to prioritize, according to some mainstream environmentalists, is sustainability. [Capitol New York]

New Advocacy Guide Maps Path to Improved Parks

The goal of the new poster is to elucidate the park advocacy process and empower concerned citizens to make a difference in their communities. [Gotham Gazette]

Late July Chill Helps Set Record Lows Across the East

The cool conditions in the East contrasted, as they have nearly all year, with baking conditions in the West, which have exacerbated the effects of California’s epic drought and helped fuel wildfires. [Climate Central]

Report recommends steps to help elderly survive natural disasters

Following Sandy, tens of thousands of older adults were isolated in high-rise buildings and private homes in Coney Island and other shorefront communities around the city…New York City’s 1.4 million people age 60 and over constitute 17 percent of the city’s total population, according to the report. The number is projected to increase by 50 percent over the next 20 years. [Brooklyn Daily Eagle]

Coalition Brings Attention to September Climate Change March

Local and national environmental groups, labor unions, and community organizations rallied at Times Square on Wednesday to bring attention to the People’s Climate March in September that will take place ahead of the United Nations’ Climate Summit. Organizers hope to bring together the biggest march in history to address climate change. [Epoch Times]

Finger Lakes winemakers call for NY Gov. Cuomo to deny permits for salt cavern gas storage

Finger Lakes winemakers and other business owners asked Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Wednesday to deny permits for natural gas and propane storage facilities in former salt mines along Seneca Lake, saying the projects would bring heavy industry, more truck traffic and an unacceptable risk of catastrophic accidents to a region that thrives on tourism. [Fox Business]