New York Rising program director gives update on resiliency efforts

Rubin said the state is embarking on a $17 billion strategy that will transform New York’s infrastructure, transportation networks, energy supply, coastal protection, weather warning system and emergency management to better protect New Yorkers from future extreme weather. [NYLCV]

With its namesake canal finally getting clean, Gowanus grows

But dirty waters or no, given the Brooklyn real estate boom and Gowanus’ choice location, it was only a matter of time before serious money moved in. And that time appears to be now, as a number of large developers are charging ahead with plans for the area. [New York Post]

USDA to open sites to help farmers, ranchers cope with climate change

“The Obama administration has selected the locations for seven new regional centers that will help farmers and ranchers adjust to the increasing risks and extreme weather associated with climate change…The…climate hubs will link local agriculture producers with universities, industry groups, state governments and federal agencies such as the Department of Interior and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. [Los Angeles Times]

Bloomberg Aims to Motivate World Leaders to Cut Greenhouse Gases

Former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg aims to use his new role as U.N. envoy on cities and climate change to help “frustrated” U.N. chief Ban Ki-moon motivate world leaders to cut greenhouse gas emissions by showing them progress made by large cities. [Huffington Post]

Watch 63 Years of Global Warming in 14 Seconds

Updated to include 2013, this iconic animation from our friends at NASA depicts how temperatures around the globe have warmed since 1950. [Climate Central]

Stay Tuned for the Weather

“I’m a huge fan of the work that Andy Revkin did for years at The New York Times,” Roberts, who left the Times for Mashable, said. “He was truly one of those real ground-breaking writers … he hasn’t been as active as he had been and I guess you could say there is a journalistic opportunity to step in and do some of the work he did for the Times.” [Capital New York]

A new proposal to ship fracked gas across New York

A proposed multi-billion dollar pipeline would ship natural gas fracked in other states across the Capital region of New York and into New England. The 250-mile Northeast Expansion pipeline would cross Albany, Rensselaer and Columbia counties before it enters Massachusetts… [Capital New York]

And a very interesting tool to look at the impact of climate change on New York and other cities across the globe…