NYC Earth Day, Brought To You By Toyota, United, & Con Ed

“It is scandalous that corporations, not just in NYC, but all over the state, have become the face of Earth Day,” Gloria Mattera, co-chair of the Green Party of New York says. “Corporate green washing is not just bad propaganda but continues to wreck havoc on our health and the climate….” [Gothamist]


New York City Flood Risk Has Risen 20-Fold Since Late 1800s, Study Says

“While sea level rise likely accounts for a significant amount of the added coastal flooding risk in New York, other dynamics are also at work….For example, New York lost 85% of its wetlands…and these helped to blunt the impact of a major storm surge.” [Mashable]


Local anti-fracking activist wins world’s largest environmental prize

“The…prize has been awarded to an Ithaca-based lawyer who has helped organize fracking bans in dozens of New York communities…Slottje, a despised figure among gas industry officials, has helped enact fracking bans in 172 communities across New York in the last five years.”  [Capital New York]


Hands On Education

“In celebration of Earth Day, DEP joined Trout Unlimited and 40 students from South Bronx Head Start to release juvenile brown trout into the Cross River where it passes through the Ward Pound Ridge Reservation in Westchester County.” [NYC DEP “Weekly Pipeline”]


Study shows critical infrastructure in city’s expanding floodplain

“By 2050, sea levels will have risen six inches, and 59 percent of the metropolitan region’s power generation capacity, 14 percent of its public housing units, 11 percent of its hospital beds, 13 percent of its subway and rail stations, all of its shipping ports and all of its train tunnels will be located in floodplains.”  [Capital New York]


800+ Elected Officials Group Releases Municipal Resolutions Passed Across State Urging Caution on Fracking

“Local elected officials from all 62 New York State counties – have passed resolutions…urging renewed caution on fracking and touting municipal support for the growing opportunities presented by renewable energy for New York State.”   [press statement from Elected Officials to Protect New York]


This 10-Mile Loop Of Parks Would Protect New York From Rising Water

“If you’re going to be investing so much money into an infrastructure for resiliency—that’s going to be sitting along one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world—there’s a huge opportunity there to also improve civic infrastructure, so it can protect the city, but also become a platform for civic life…” [Fastcoexist]


It Really Does Take a Village to Rebuild After Sandy

“Pratt Center…spoke with WNYC about [the] Center’s post-Sandy resiliency planning work in Sheepshead Bay, which involves solving drainage problems while elevating homes at the same time…[The] Center collaborated with…homeowners providing them with preliminary architectural assistance to support their rebuilding efforts.” [press statement from Pratt Center for Community Development]


$1 Billion Commitment to NY-Sun to Support Widescale Private Investment in New York’s Solar Industry

“Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced a nearly $1 billion commitment to NY-Sun, which will significantly expand deployment of solar capacity throughout the state and transform New York’s solar industry to a sustainable, subsidy-free sector.” [press statement from office of Governor Andrew Cuomo]


Margaretville and Sidney win $3 million awards for NY Rising plans

“A major piece of Sidney’s NY Rising plan…is a 140-acre “greenplain,” a flood-damaged section of the village that would be bought and preserved as a wetland, to help absorb floodwaters.”  [Watershed Post]