Buying Real Estate in a Changing Climate

…think about how long you plan to hold onto your property. If you only plan to own it for five years, those 25-year flood models probably won’t affect you. But if you plan to raise a family in it, then 20 years from now you might have a very different perspective on these long-term projections. [The New York Times]

In Rockaways, Infusion of Sand Will Soon Raise Beaches Hit by a Hurricane

This month, a contractor will start to dredge and spread 2.9 million cubic yards of sand on the Hurricane Sandy-depleted beaches of the Rockaways, in Queens, significantly expanding and raising six miles of beach. [The New York Times]

DEP Makes $6 Million in New Grants Available to Community Groups, Non-Profits, and Property Owners for Green Projects 

DEP is engaged in a city-wide effort to soften the impervious urban landscape and help absorb rainwater that would otherwise drain into the combined sewer system and contribute to combined sewer overflows into local waterways. [NYC DEP Press Release]

Future warming imperils Statue of Liberty: study 

The sightseer of 4014 may have to pay a virtual visit to the Tower of London or Statue of Liberty, said a climate study Wednesday that warned of dramatic ocean encroachment on heritage sites. [GulfNews]

Bellone State of the County speech targets water quality

High concentrations of nitrogen threaten drinking water, damage tidal wetlands and salt marshes, and harm bays and rivers around Long Island…”This is a year of action for our water,” Bellone said. “Nitrogen poisoning of our surface and groundwaters is the greatest crisis this county [Suffolk] has faced in generations.” [Long Island NewsDay]

Superstorm Sandy’s ‘Untold Filthy Legacy’

Sewerage systems across the New York City region are undertaking costly attempts to fortify against future storms, after Sandy sent billions of gallons of raw and partially treated waste into waterways and swatches of suburbia. [Water Online]

New Government Report Warns of ‘Cascading System Failures’ Caused By Climate Change

From roads and bridges to power plants and gas pipelines, American infrastructure is vulnerable to the effects of climate change, according to a pair of government reports released Thursday. [Huffington Post]

More Sandy Money for New York: Will the State Use It Wisely?

New York State has submitted its plan plan for the next $2.1 billion in federal disaster assistance from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) for continuing recovery efforts to rebuild from hurricanes/superstorms Sandy, Irene and Lee. The State’s plan is pretty good, but it could use improvement. Fortunately the public can submit comments up until March 19…” [NRDC Blog]

And something great from the New York City Parks Department….

9 Things You Won’t See in Our Parks Today