NYC to Spend $23 Million for Solar Panels on 24 Schools

New York City will spend $23 million to install solar-paneled roofs on 24 public schools…The installations will triple the amount of sun power currently gathered on city-owned buildings, the mayor said today at a news briefing. The total investment will be about $28 million, with $5 million coming from state grants under Governor Andrew Cuomo’s NY-Sun Initiative…

De Blasio [has] set a goal of developing 100 megawatts of solar power on public buildings and 250 megawatts on private properties in 10 years. That would generate 1 percent of the city’s electricity, reducing greenhouse-gas emissions by an estimated 35,000 metric tons a year, he said. [Bloomberg News]

Contaminated fill at Islandia subdivision for vets must be carted off Long Island

About 1,000 cubic yards of contaminated material buried at a subdivision for six veterans’ families in Islandia must be carted off Long Island as part of the first state-approved cleanup plan for sites in Islip under criminal investigation for illegal dumping…Revelations of dumping at Veterans Way came after about 50,000 tons of contaminated fill was found spread onto Roberto Clemente Park in Brentwood…

[Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas] Spota said in June analysis of the berm samples showed levels of contaminants deemed both “hazardous” and “acutely hazardous” under state environmental conservation law. Among the contaminants found: the now-banned pesticides DDT and chlordane, and metals such as chromium, cobalt, nickel, zinc and lead. Some of the substances are known to cause cancer or brain damage if ingested in sufficient amounts. The 12 samples from the front and back of each of the homes did not test positive for contaminants, Spota said. [Newsday]

As World Leaders Come Together for Historic Climate Summit, Secretary-General Urges Commitment to Meaningful, Universal Agreement

In a closing session, the Secretary-General declared that delegates had delivered on his request for commitments on a universal climate agreement; climate financing; carbon pricing; strengthening resilience; and on the formation of partnerships to meet the climate challenge. The spirit of compromise and commitment that had characterized the discourse had to be retained going forward and the pledges made had to be fulfilled. “Today’s Summit has shown that we can rise to the climate challenge,” he said. [U.N. Department of Public Information]

Where Is Andrew Cuomo’s Climate Plan?

Andrew Cuomo…was nowhere to be found at the People’s Climate March, and for good reason. The governor’s climate plan consists mainly of a single strategy: Brace for impact…Meanwhile, the transportation infrastructure that undergirds New York’s light carbon footprint…is Governor Cuomo’s responsibility, and he’s been flaking on it since the first time he robbed from the MTA to pay for the state’s general obligations. On Monday the governor signed a law that will help cities and towns prepare for the effects of climate change…The same day, the MTA posted documents laying out the $15 billion gap in its upcoming five-year, $32 billion capital program. [Streetsblog NYC]

Growing, and Growing Vulnerable 

As the president of the Fire Island Association, Suzy Goldhirsch has a message she says she often offers property owners. “We are living on a sandbar in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean,” she tells them. “We are in a high-risk environment. We on barrier islands are on the front lines of climate change.”…A new report from the National Research Council finds that the effect of climate change is especially harsh on [barrier] islands. Population growth in much of this long coast “is nearly twice the national average,” [and] “these same coasts are subject to impact by some of the most powerful storms on earth.” [The New York Times]

Comptroller Stringer Proposes Green Bonds Program for New York City 

In an effort to focus investment on projects that protect the environment and boost sustainability, New York City Comptroller Scott M. Stringer…introduced a plan, “A Green Bond Program for New York City,” to make New York the first major city in the nation to offer Green Bonds. Green Bonds offer investors a new way to participate in the financing of environmentally conscious projects such as providing for clean water and improving the energy efficiency of buildings. [Office of the New York City Comptroller]

Is The Algae In Prospect Park Making Dogs Sick?

A local dog group is spreading the word about the possibility that toxic algae in Prospect Park Lake is making pups sick. FIDO recently noted on its Facebook page that one of its member’s dogs “appear to have been showing mild symptoms from their daily swims” at the park, where the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation has confirmed the widespread presence of blue green algae, which can be harmful to people and pets. [Kensington BK]