New York Tries to Rid Its Sewers of FOG (Fat, Oil and Grease)

Besides old age, the sewers, which are essential to the health of the city, are under assault from a nemesis above ground: grease. [The New York Times]

Rail oil shipping raises safety concerns in Albany

Over the past two years, the Port of Albany has become a major shipping point for highly explosive crude oil from North Dakota’s Bakken Shale region. Hundreds of tanker cars arrive daily on Canadian Pacific and CSX rail lines and stretch for miles along highways and through neighborhoods. [AP]

The West Virginia Oil Spill

Ken Ward Jr., writer for the Charleston Gazette on environmental issues, discusses another spill that is contaminating water in West Virginia. He explains how little we know about the chemicals and how a lack of oversight is complicating the problems. [WNYC]

Sen. Schumer calls for funding of breakwaters off Staten Island

Joined by local elected officials, Sen. Charles Schumer pushed for the approval of federal FEMA funds to install a series of off-shore breakwaters to protect the borough’s South Shore from future storms like Hurricane Sandy. []

Sandy victims unhappy with ‘Build it Back’

The city post-Hurricane Sandy recovery program “Build it Back” is doing anything but, according to many residents, civic leaders and officials in South Queens. They say the program needs to be completely revamped and needs to be placed on top of Mayor de Blasio’s priority list. [Queens Chronicle]

Con Edison to Take New Measures to Protect Against the Effects of Climate Change

“In an historic decision that will serve as a nationwide model, the New York State Public Service Commission today unanimously approved an Order requiring Con Edison to implement state-of-the-art measures to plan for and protect its electric, gas, and steam systems from the effects of climate change. [PR Newswire]