Remember the plastic bag bill?  It’s alive…though seemingly stuck in City Council purgatory.

The New York League of Conservation Voters and other supporters aim to push the bill forward with a rally at City Hall at noon todayThe rally has a simple message for the Council and Mayor DeBlasio: pass the bill by Earth Day (April 22).

The bill would ask customers to pay a 10-cent fee if they use plastic bags at groceries, bodegas and shops. The dime would go straight to the retailer, not the government as some detractors have claimed.

The bill stirred ardent emotions when it was debated last November. Supporters called it common sense legislation to spare NYC’s plastic-clogged waste-system and waterways. Detractors blasted it as government overreach and an unwitting tax on lower income residents.

Though the bill gained a key supporter in Council member Antonio Reynoso, who chairs the Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management, it still needs additional support from the Council and Mayor.

Perhaps today’s rally will do the trick.

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