As the United Nations Summit on Climate Change moves forward, NY Environment Report is highlighting the voices of the over 400,000 demonstrators who walked the streets of Manhattan Sunday to demand action.

Every demonstrator -young or old, man or woman- has a unique perspective on the issue; all are linked by a sense of deep urgency. Yesterday, we featured the thoughts of Michael Turi, a “citizen activist” from Long Island, who argued that local action on climate change can be the basis for a long-term global solution.

Today, we listen to Steven Jones, a new resident of Jersey City, who told us, “the first step is…global awareness and consciousness. We have to start a movement..[and have] conservations at home, with our family, with our friends, anybody we have any type of civic interaction with. That’s what has to start first.”



“We have to do this to push the legislators, the corporations, and everybody else to…affect change and policy,” Jones continued. “I look at this [the People’s Climate March] as the first step of a group of people that are conscious and aware coming together to stimulate that impetus for change in the future.”

“To be is to do,” observed Jones. “I believe there is hope because we always have a chance to do– to impact change…When I stop believing in hope is the day I don’t want to get up and live anymore.”

“New York City is bold. It went through 9/11. Let’s be bold and impact the world, and force climate change to be a real initiative so it will be in the forefront of our minds at all times going forward. Because it will affect us in the future,” he concluded.