New York City’s garbage is a hot-button issue these days (see our 91st Street MTS post here if you’ve missed the hubbub). One thing we think helps put the fight into context is hard data—while you might have an opinion on where these transfer stations should be sited, you can’t argue with facts about where they currently are.

Plus, we all contribute to the problem (if, by some crazy chance, you manage to exist without producing trash, please let us know your secret!), so it’s extra-important to have an understanding of what happens to those bags after their curb-side pick-up.

Barge NYC has put together this map in order to show the location of our Waste Transfer Stations: the places where garbage trucks unload their goods. At these stations, our garbage is loaded onto tractor trailers, barges, or railcars, and ultimately taken out of state.

A few important points that the map makes:

  1. Most of the city’s transfer stations (59) utilize tractor-trailers to move trash. There are only seven marine transfer stations, and five rail transfer stations.
  2. The neighborhoods of Newtown Creek and the South Bronx host 32 transfer stations. Collectively, these stations handle more than 60% of NYC’s annual waste.
  3. Newtown Creek has 19 Waste Transfer Stations — this is the densest cluster in all of the city.

You can check out the map here. Another cool feature: click on the individual icons to see details about that specific station — and in some cases, a Google Map photo!

Are there any transfer stations in your neighborhood?

  • roy123

    In my opinion, you are missing the point. Those opposed to the e91 MTS are opposed to opening any such facility in any other neighborhood as well. We believe that those neighborhoods that are burdened by this antiquated system of moving waste, need relief as well. We want a universal system that reduces waste and promotes recycling. Moving the problem around the city goes against the national Environmental Justice coalition, yet supporters of the MTS plan claim that they are promoting EJ. Equity does not bring justice. Giving three more children in Yorkville asthma to match the rates of Brooklyn[s children will not help anyone. It is grandstanding politics. Besides why did waivers have to be granted for this MTS station to proceed. The City would not be allowed to plan such a facility today. Building this toxic site based on legal technicality is shameful. Laws are made to protect us. Circumventing them for political gain will end up hurting the very citizens the laws were made to protect.