New York City may only have two official Superfund sites, but don’t feel too sad: according to this NYC Toxic Sites map released by Property Sharks, our bustling metro is absolutely littered with gasoline spills, oil tank failures, abandoned landfills, and other government-reported contamination threats.

Type in your address, neighborhood, or zip code, and learn what kind of toxic violations surround you. Out here in Ditmas, where all of NYER resides, we’re proud to report that aside from a smattering of “Tank Test Failures,” we’re not doing so bad.

For those of you who find yourselves sandwiched in between toxic icons on the map, Property Shark does caution that not all of them are reason for panic. “Not all icons are equally serious and some issues are much more benign than others,” explained Nancy Jorisch, a PropertyShark senior data analyst. Still, for a city threatened mightily by sea level rise and flooding, the density of toxic sites seems ominous, regardless of severity.

And yet, as overwhelming as the map may be, we’d love to see even more detail — right now, there’s no easy way to get the scoop on the individual icons near your property of choice. What exactly is an “MTBE Spill?” When did that “Tank Failure” occur? How do you know when to be worried and when to relax? More data, please!


In the meantime, let us know how your neighborhood fares in the comments!