During a q & a session with reporters after giving remarks today at a plenary session of the U.S. Conference of Mayors, New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio made the following statement:

“My purview is the five boroughs of New York City and I try to work closely with the state government but I also appreciate that they have to make decisions on behalf of the whole state. The one thing I am firm about is that I don’t see any place for fracking. The science simply isn’t reliable enough. The technology isn’t reliable enough. And, there’s too much danger to our water supply, to our environment in general.

So my view is that there should be a moratorium on fracking in New York State until the day comes that we can actually prove it’s safe and I don’t think that day is coming any time soon.”


Bill de Blasio made similar statements while Public Advocate. In an August 27th, 2013 interview with blogger Eric Walton, de Blasio said the following:

“I believe strongly in the moratorium on fracking. I think it is abundantly clear that the technology is far from perfected. There are incredible dangers associated with fracking that could have a lasting impact on our water supply in particular, beyond just the city water shed, but anywhere it’s being done. And so I think the moratorium is necessary and I don’t think the moratorium should be lifted until these issues are resolved, if they are ever resolved.”