Flowers are blooming at the fabulous Queens County Farm Museum, which occupies New York City’s largest remaining tract of undisturbed farmland. The site, located in Floral Park, has been a farm since 1697!

Visiting the farm offers a great window into New York City’s long agricultural history.

Queens County Farm
Photo credit: Queens County Farm Museum

We visited the farm’s 47 acres yesterday, which include a really interesting Dutch farmhouse from the 1700’s, a greenhouse complex, goats, horses, and other farm animals, planting fields, an orchard, and an herb garden.

There is much to see- for adults and children.

Queens County farm museum V
The farm raises a variety of heritage breed chickens, such as these Silver Laced Wyandotte hens. Photo credit: Queens County Farm Museum
Queens County farm IV
Photo credit: Sarah Crean
Queens County Farm III
Photo credit: Sarah Crean

Admission is free and visitors are welcome seven days a week at the Queens County Farm Museum, the longest continuously farmed site in all of New York State.