If you read our piece about the new insect hotel at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, then chances are you’ve got a hankering for your very own bug abode.

The good news is that insect hotels are easy (and cheap!) to make—in fact, they work best when made from natural materials found near your home. So check out these easy instructions and take a spin through 10 amazing insect hotels we found to get your inspiration and creativity flowing.

Happy building—and be sure to share your creation with us!

1. This artistic gem from built for the 2012 Muttersholtz Archi Festival in France.

Insect hotel
Via: Architizer

2. This hotel on the grounds of Oxburgh Hall in North Norfolk, England is like something from The Hobbit.

Insect hotel, Norfolk, England
Via: Jonathan Mold

3. This winner of the Cutest Hotel Award:

Insect hotel
Via: Wudwurx

4. This creative way to use old tree stumps:

Insect hotel
Via: Gartenkollektiv

5. This hotel made from shipping pallets with a green roof:

Insect hotel
Via: Greener Places

6. This hotel which sits on the roof of the another hotel (the Fairmont Royal York Hotel in Canada):

Insect hotel
Via Canadian Living

7. This cute, small hotel built by a cute, small person:

Insect hotel
Via: Perrywood.co.uk

8. This amazing structure in a fruit tree orchard:

Insect hotel
Via: Angelbattlebros

9. This impressively symmetrical job from London:

insect hotel
Via: tobyjug5

10. These small but mighty hotels, perfect for a New York City dweller:

Insect hotels
Via: Etsy, Wildforms, 1001 Gardens