Based on the 2017 Waste Characterization Study, there were about 71,000 tons of plastic bags in the waste stream; these bags are landfilled with the rest of the City’s waste at a cost of $12.1 million each year. Photo by MichaelisScientists/Creative Commons

The Citizens Budget Commission and many others have had enough: it’s time for New York City to act on imposing a plastic bag fee. 


Last year, New York City was poised to enact a historic plastic bag bill that would have placed a 5-cent minimum fee on single-use plastic bags. But legislation in Albany overturned the ordinance, with the Governor’s office promising a state-wide solution.

The report released by Cuomo’s task force in January was widely panned for failing to put forth any recommendations. In the meantime, two other bag fees modeled after the City’s program, in Long Beach and Suffolk County, have gone into effect and other municipalities are pursuing similar fees.

The State is unlikely to act on this issue again, so activists are urging City Council to revisit the issue now.



Source: City&State New York and Citizens Budget Commission