Taking a sample from the Water Garden. Photo by Sally Warring

What happens when you put water, mud, weeds, and pond scum under a microscope? Explore the hidden world of microbes through magnified photographs and videos in the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s new exhibit, Pondlife.

A multimedia exhibition by scientist and filmmaker Sally WarringPondlife combines art and biology in an exploration of the microbial communities in the ponds and waterways at the Garden.

Microbes live in every environment on Earth, from the Artic to the Amazon to your local park’s duck pond. They produce around half the world’s oxygen, degrade waste, form important symbioses with plants and animals, and have roles in our own bodies. Yet many people have never seen a microbe and don’t know what these tiny organisms do.

Read more about Warring’s work here, and visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden’s website for exhibit information.