Got great garbage hanging about the house?  The City Reliquary might put it in its museum.

No, you aren’t losing your mind. And no, the Reliquary isn’t playing an elaborate prank.  The beloved community museum is gearing up for a new exhibit called NYC Trash! Past, Present, & Future.   A sweeping exploration of New York’s complicated (to say the least) relationship with its garbage, the exhibit will range from Jacob Riis’s images of 19th-century squalor to the City’s 21st Century waste management plans.

And that’s where your trash comes in.  The Reliquary wants to add real New York garbage to its exhibit.  Now, to be fair, the Reliquary isn’t looking for just any old plastic bag or soiled diaper.  Their curators are “particularly interested in contributions that address projects related to reuse and recycling and how the city must deal with its waste in the future.”

The Reliquary is especially keen to get donations from “waste management experts, collectors of NYC Department of Sanitation ephemera, enthusiasts of reuse/recycling, and anyone invested in the past, present, or future of trash in New York City.”  They note that “all proposals will be considered.”

Got a great piece of trash?  Contact with your name, phone number, and a brief description of your exhibit idea including any AV and/or size & space requirements.  The deadline for submissions is August 14, 2017.