In the Rockaways, Pipeline Debate Takes a Contentious Turn

A natural gas pipeline under construction worries New York residents still recovering from Hurricane Sandy. [Al Jazeera America]

How NYC Works: City’s Paper Recycling Program Saves Thousands of Trees Every Day

In the latest installment of “How New York City Works,” NY1’s Roger Clark takes a look at the city’s paper recycling program to find out what happens to all that paper after you toss it in the bin. [NY1]

Albany Passes Ban on Burying Toxins in Jamaica Bay

Gov. Andrew Cuomo signed a bill earlier this month temporarily extending the ban on disposing certain hazardous materials in the ocean to the waters of Jamaica Bay, the largest wetland habitat in the city and home to a significant bird sanctuary. [Times Ledger]

New Bill Would Ban Fracking Waste in New York City

New York City council members Stephen Levin and Corey Johnson introduced legislation today—Introduction 853—that would ban the discharge, disposal, sale or use of any wastewater or natural gas waste produced by fracking. [EcowWatch]

A Tale of Two Cities: Miami, New York and Life on the Edge

So while the NYC plan is certainly laudable, it is important to realize that it does not even contain 100 percent of the funding to take them to the 2050s, let alone look beyond that to 2100. But alas, 2100 is more than 20 election cycles away. When Bloomberg said, “We cannot, and will not, abandon our waterfront,” was he being realistic, or was it just political bravado? Perhaps his grandchildren will find out. [Climate Central]