An aerial view of the Inergy – now Crestwood – salt facility located on Seneca Lake’s west shore, just north of Watkins Glen. Photo via

An attempt to store liquefied propane gas in Seneca County salt mines has encountered further setbacks as the sponsors acknowledged the cavern may have leaks. An attorney for the company involved asked the DEC to delay a final decision on the storage unit application until well pressure tests determine its suitability as a gas storage unit.

Dozens of municipalities and hundreds of businesses have gone on record opposing the plans to store 88.2 million gallons of LPG in the abandoned salt caverns. Houston-based Crestwood has defended the LPG project, which it says will help improve the propane supply in the northeast.

The proposal is now before an administrative law judge. Cuomo’s environmental commissioner has the authority to block the project.

Source: Democrat & Chronicle