Rockland County Sheriff’s Office responded on Sunday, placing oil-absorbing booms in the water to contain the spill. Photo via’s Twitter account.

Note: This story has been updated. Residents of Dutchtown, a small neighborhood in Rockland County, awoke Sunday morning to the stench of diesel fuel blowing in off the nearby Hudson River. Residents saw the rainbow sheen of a fuel spill extending some 40 feet out onto the water.

The Rockland County sheriffs office said a Tilcon New York quarry tugboat caused the spill and the quarry’s environmental team planned to handle the remediation. The Coast Guard will investigate and oversee the cleanup.

Update: Officials from the Coast Guard, the lead agency on the investigation, say its pollution teams discovered the diesel is actually rain runoff from somewhere up river, not from a tugboat as originally reported. Source: lohud

Source: lohud